Cache tag / Baking animations

Just as the HAIR module and MOCCA Clothilde have the ability to cache and bake animations so to does MoGraph. This allows much quicker real time play back without having to calculate so much information live as the animation is played. The cache tag stores position, rotation and scale information internally and this increases the file size. The parameters for the tag show how much extra the cached animation data has added to the file size.

The cache is very easy to use and the settings are very straight forward. Just while we're talking about animation playback speed, just changing your viewport display settings can have a dramatic impact upon speed. Even if you're running in a solid shaded mode, you'll find in more complex scenes that your CPU just can't keep up and the display will revert to wire frame to try and maintain the scene frames per second. If you change to isoparm display to preview your animations, in most cases you should get even quicker playback speed than regular wireframe. You really need a grunty computer to make the most of MoGraph.

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