MAXON announced Release 11 on 12 August 2008 at the SIGGRAPH Convention in Los Angeles.

The hot new enhancements in Release 11 are a totally reworked GI (Global Illumination) engine. Not only is GI rendering much improved with better quality and flicker free animations, rendering without GI is significantly quicker as well and things like glass render more accurately. NLA (Non linear animation) and Animation Layers are introduced in the Timeline. CINEMA 4D now has Collada import and export. BodyPaint has had lots of painting enhancements like supporting Photoshop brush presets. There is a new Doodle screen collaboration / annotation tool. Support for Windows Vista is much better. CINEMA 4D now has automatic on-line checking and installation of updates. There are lot´s of other minor enhancements plus a lot of bugs have been squashed.

We will cover the important enhancements in R11 in depth and many of the smaller enhancements but there´s so many it´s not possible to cover every single new thing in a review but we´ll cover most of them. To see a list of the enhancements, click here. The list taken from the R11 documentation.

What´s in the box?

If you are new to CINEMA 4D then you´ll get the Wipix advanced rigging tutorial DVD that came with R10.5. You can read what we thought of this tutorial here in our 10.5 review. If you are a R10.5 user upgrading then you only get the R11 installation DVD. In addition to the discs you get a Quickstart manual and installation guide. On the installation DVD there are 1.6Gb of goodies. Included in the Goodies are HDRI´s, textures, sound and video clips for MoGraph and a few other bits and pieces. It´s a little disappointing to see R11 coming with no introductory modelling, texturing etc tutorials although the built in documentation now includes some basic navigation videos plus some short videos as part of the What´s new in CINEMA 4D R11 section on BodyPaint 3D R4 and the new Doodle tool.

R11 Box Contents

Release 11 Box Contents.

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