MoDynamics seriously rock

MoGraph 2 introduces an incredible new Dynamics system

MAXON announced Release 11.5 on September 1 2009. This was essentially an on-line announcement. In the past they sometimes announce new versions at Siggraph.

The major new enhancements in Release 11.5 are:

Picture Viewer - Vastly improved and completely rewritten Picture Viewer. Renders can be compared. Split screen A / B comparisons etc.

Render Instances - Vastly superior memory management for instance type objects, particles or array objects means huge numbers of instances can be rendered without receiving "Out of Memory" error messages. We're talking hundreds of millions if not billions of polygons here folks.

Bucket Rendering - The horizontal render line is gone. Bucket rendering is much more memory efficient. Images are rendered in square buckets. Not only can you now render more polygons without getting out of memory errors, render speed is quicker, especially with when combined with Render Instances. Displacement rendering / Sub polygon displacement rendering is significantly quicker.

MoGraph 2 / MoGraph Dynamics - This isn't the long anticipated Dynamics module revamp but WOW, dynamics on clones is pretty damn cool. Not only can clones react with each other, they react to standard particle wind and gravity etc object (Just like the Hair module). Real time playback speed is very impressive. For many people MoGraph Dynamics will be reason enough to upgrade. In addition to dynamics there are other enhancements like a new C.O.F.F.E.E. Effector and a new MoSpline Object.

Workflow enhancements - There are quite a few handy workflow enhancements. For example when you Ctrl drag to create copies of objects in the Object Manager the new object gets a modified name. e.g. copying a sphere a few times results in: sphere; sphere.1; sphere.2 etc.

Speed Enhancements - Some bottlenecks that slowed down animation playback speed have been optimized.

We will cover the important enhancements in R11.5 in depth and many of the smaller enhancements but there's so many it's not possible to cover every single new thing in a review but we'll cover most of them. To see a list of the enhancements, click here. The list taken from the R11.5 documentation.

What do you get?

If you are upgrading from R11.0 you get an Upgrade DVD mailed to you. Those buying CINEMA 4D for the first time get a box with the Installation DVD, Goodies DVD, WiPix Rigging DVD and the Quickstart manual as shown below. You can read our review of the WiPix Rigging DVD that initially came out with Release 10.5 here.

Box contents

Box contents

MAXON have written their own installer so installing CINEMA 4D is a bit more streamlined than before. The Help / Documentation is now installed as part of the main installation.

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